A better test for homeschool students.

We believe that homeschoolers deserve a better standardized test – one that matches classroom curriculum and assesses both aptitude and ability. That’s why we created the Classic Learning Test (CLT).

The CLT is standardized test for college admissions designed to offer homeschoolers a better alternative to the SAT and ACT. Features of the CLT include an online testing platform, content drawn from great literature, and exclusive scholarship opportunities.

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Engage with great authors & ideas.
In the CLT, you’ll analyze passages from great works in the liberal arts tradition, including Homer, Shakespeare, Jane Austen, and C.S. Lewis.

Get your scores quickly.
Don’t wait a month or more to get your test scores. Thanks to our innovative online testing platform, you’ll get your CLT scores within 24 hours of taking the test.

Compete for exclusive scholarships.
The CLT is accepted by over 150 colleges across the nation and they offer over $100 million in scholarships tied to CLT scores.

Students, Parents, & Teachers love the CLT.

"The CLT responds to the imperative to cultivate a morally grounded liberal education in preparing new generations of global citizens."
Cory D.B. Walker
Professor, University of Richmond
"By providing a new test standard, the Classic Learning Test has increased the number of opportunities for success and achievement for homeschool students."
Megan Ralston
Program Manager, Homeschool Legal Defense Association

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colleges accept the CLT in place of the SAT or ACT
students have taken the CLT since 2016
schools & homeschool groups currently offer the CLT
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