A Hundred Days of Dante Are About to Begin!

Go to hell—and beyond it.

We’ve covered the 100 Days of Dante project before: Baylor University Honors College, one of CLT’s partner schools, is teaming up with several other colleges to form the largest Dante reading group in the world. The time has come! Starting tomorrow, the project will be covering three cantos of the Divine Comedy every week, finishing up next Easter (April 17, 2022). Resources on the website include:

  • A free version of Dr. Anthony Esolen’s celebrated rendition of the text
  • Video commentary from professors and translators
  • Gustave Doré’s famous etchings accompanying each canto
  • Brief introductions to each of the circles of hell, purgatory, and heaven

We can’t encourage our readers enough to take this opportunity to read this great work of literature. Many thanks to Baylor University Honors College for making this available, as well as to Gonzaga University and Gonzaga in Florence, Templeton Honors College at Eastern University, Torrey Honors College at Biola University, the University of Dallas, and Whitworth University! For further information, visit the site or send an email to 100DaysofDante@gmail.com.

"Thou hast my heart so with desire disposed
To the adventure, with these words of thine,
That to my first intent I have returned.
Now go, for one sole will is in us both,
Thou Leader, and thou Lord, and Master thou."
Thus said I to him; and when he had moved,
I entered on the deep and savage way.

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