The Largest Dante Reading Group Worldwide

Have you ever wanted to read the Divine Comedy? Don't cross into hell alone ...

Dante Alighieri was one of the finest poets in western history, and his Divine Comedy—a first harrowing and then awe-inspiring spiritual journey through hell, purgatory, and heaven, to be reunited with his beloved Beatrice and with God—has remained one of the classics of Catholic literature for seven hundred years. It is easy to feel muddled or intimidated by the wealth of historical detail and elevated theology his work contains.

Baylor University Honors College is helping to make this great work of art more accessible. In partnership with several other colleges (including Biola University, Templeton Honors College at Eastern University, and the University of Dallas), Baylor will be beginning a new series: “One Hundred Days of Dante.” From September of this year through Easter 2022, the group will go through the Comedy one canto at a time, offering videos on the material by teachers who know and love this masterpiece of Medieval literature. As fans of great literature, we at Classic Learning Initiatives are thrilled to see this program come out! Get in touch at for further information.

So I saw splendors draw to us in droves,
Full many a thousand, and from each was heard,
"Lo, here is one that shall increase our loves!"

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