Examen Adveniens!

Over the past five years, CLT has emerged as a faithful guide for the parents, students, and educators who are blazing new trails back to ancient learning, from the Charlotte Mason model to the classical renewal movement.

As the CLT, CLT10, and CLT8 have soared in popularity, we have been listening to the needs of the educators we serve. Time and time again, the need for a new and better Latin exam has come to our attention. Latin was the lingua franca and the language of scholarship throughout most of Europe for a millennium; it continues to be important to disciplines such as life sciences, theology, and the study of English itself, and many of the books from our author bank were originally composed in Latin. Many religious and classical schools continue to require Latin, and even some public schools, recognizing its importance, offer it as an elective.

This past January, CLT gathered leading experts at Hillsdale College to lay out a framework for the new standard in Latin assessment. We are thrilled to announce that a free pilot version of the CLT Latin Exam will be available in the CLT student account late this spring. Stay tuned for further updates!

Jeremy Tate

Jeremy Tate is the CEO and founder of the Classic Learning Test. He lives outside Annapolis, MD, with his wife and children.

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