Our Journey Through the Author Bank Seminar Series Begins Tomorrow!

Want to start reading the great books for yourself? Now's the time!

The CLT Author Bank is a curated list of men and women who have shaped the mind and heart of our civilization for three thousand years. Approaching the titans of philosophy, science, history, and literature can feel intimidating—but it doesn’t have to. CLT is offering a Journey Through the Author Bank: a livestreamed series of seminars, beginning tomorrow, in which scholars from all over the country will discuss the lives and works of the great writers of our tradition.

Our premiere seminar will be on Dante, the poet who wrote the Divine Comedy (which the 100 Days of Dante project is currently taking its audience through). The seminar is being conducted by Dr. Brian Williams, Dean of Templeton Honors College at Eastern University in Philadelphia. Among other accomplishments, Dr. Williams holds degrees from Regent and Oxford Universities, is a Research Fellow with the Institute of Classical Education, and serves on CLT’s own Board of Academic Advisors. We’re thrilled to have him join us for the evening, and we hope you’ll do the same! Go here to register and join our mailing list for the Journey Through the Author Bank.

Oceans as yet undared my vessel dares;
Apollo steers, Minerva lends the breeze,
And the nine Muses point me to the Bears.

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