Student Poem:

By Autumn Kennedy

Afore are deeps and strange horizons; aft,
   Familiar coasts. A quest you have: adventuring
The sole successful voyage of a Craft
   Upon these waves. The sun surrendering,
First stars enchant you, arm you for the day
   When vicious Charybdis will churn the sea.
My sister, how would anyone purvey
   A mariner for such an odyssey?
Behold your Captain, lighting as a dove.
   See timber fragmented in love repaired.
Perceive that off united shores you shove.
   Receive what Him for deadly gales prepared:
      Your name: Beloved, In Whom He Takes Delight.
      Defend this: sailors thus withstand the night.


Autumn Kennedy is a high school junior from Cincinnati, OH. She plans to study moral philosophy, theology, and the liberal arts at New College Franklin. She loves fairy-tales, cross-country running, philosophy, and worshiping God.

Every time we administer the CLT, the highest-scoring students from that test are invited to make a contribution to the Journal; congratulations to Miss Kennedy on her high score! If you enjoyed this piece, check out some of our other material here at the Journal, like these author profiles of Aristotle and Susan B. Anthony or these posts on the ideas of necessity versus contingency and quantity. And don’t miss out on our seminar series, Journey Through the Author Bank.

Published on 3rd June, 2022. Page image of The Adoration of the Name of God (1772) by Francisco Goya.

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