Veritas Student Art Showcase

By Jeremy Tate

Beauty is a perennial human need.

Art is often treated as a luxury or a pastime in the modern public school system. Like the other humanities, it’s often the first thing to get cut in favor of subjects that supposedly prepare students to enter the workforce. But this isn’t how our forefathers viewed the arts; beauty is necessary for human life, not an optional addition or a distraction from what “really matters.” Art is one of the things that really matters.

This is something Veritas School in Richmond, Virginia clearly recognizes. Veritas was one of CLT’s first partner schools; Keith Nix, who has served as the head of the school for over a decade, is also the president of CLT’s own board of academic advisors. We’re showcasing some outstanding drawings and paintings by five of the students whose talents are being cultivated at Veritas.

Peyton Davidson (12th grade), Macarons
Evelyn Tew (11th grade), Lion
Evelyn Tew (11th grade), Self Portrait
Madeline Burdge (11th grade), The Melting of Time
Luke Jackson (10th grade), My Modern Renaissance Mother
Luke Jackson (10th grade), Jazzman

For more information about Veritas School, go here.

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