A Drop of Color

Rachel Hankinson

Like many other “useless” subjects, the fine arts are frequently neglected in modern schools—assigned to teachers without training in the subject, financially and materially strapped, or even eliminated entirely. That which cannot befit a student for the SAT, a college career, and ultimately for utility to the economic machine, is adjudged a waste of time and treated accordingly.

At CLT we take a very different view. At its root, education is about learning to be human, and the name of the humanities is to us no mere coincidence. The fine arts are not an optional extra; they are a necessity to the soul.

One of our newest hires in Test Development, Rachel Hankinson, is also an illustrator and creator. As a painter, she works principally in watercolor and gouache; as a crafter of objets d’art, her favored media include wax and resin—the former employed in vintage teapot and teacup candles, and the latter in a variety of household goods from dishes to bookmarks.

Quotation from Louisa May Alcott‘s Little Women. Ink and watercolor.


Selection of great books. Ink and gouache.


Map of Middle-earth. Acrylic on canvas.


Selection of bookmarks. Resin and pressed wildflowers.


This is only a small glimpse—keep your eyes peeled for her work in Northern Virginia’s cafés and farmers’ markets! To see more of Miss Hankinson’s art, follow her on Instagram or check out her Etsy store.

I love creating beauty, living in beauty, curating beauty, and sharing beauty with anyone and everyone. Stories are the most important aspect of this, for beauty itself is rooted in a story.

Rachel Hankinson


If you enjoyed this piece, you might also like our student art showcase from the Veritas School in Richmond, VA.

Published on 6th April, 2022.

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