CLT Sets a Record!

We’ve got two exciting pieces of news to share this week. First, if you aren’t already a regular listener to our podcast, Anchored, now’s the time to tune in—last week, we finally topped 100,000 downloads! February has been an exciting month for the podcast all around, including interviews with: Sean Maltbie and Fr. Robert Sirico on the mission of Sacred Heart Academy in Grand Rapids, Michigan; community activist King Randall I of Albany, Georgia, on his mission to combat poverty and crime by teaching boys and young men skills and trades; and a remastered version of our first ever episode of Anchored, a talk between Dr. Robert George of Princeton University and CLT’s founder Jeremy Tate. Thanks to all our listeners for helping us reach this 100K milestone!

Second, CLT is hosting a webinar tomorrow at 3:30 pm to discuss a unique opportunity available to the students of Georgetown College, which came up in our chat with Drs. Brad Hadaway and Lynn Robson. Every year, Georgetown sends up to fifteen of their students for a special program at Oxford, through their partnership with Regents Park College (founded in 1810). Students selected for this program not only study under Oxford professors, but gain access to its famous libraries and other academic resources. You can register for the webinar here—don’t miss your chance!

I have always imagined Paradise as a kind of library.

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