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Interview with Dean of Academics Michael Adkins on the CLT3-6

“Other standardized test data gives me a sense of where our students fall nationally with other competitive private schools, but the CLT’s testing will also indicate how our students are reading a classic work of literature. Not only are we checking the boxes on nationally normed standards, but CLT fits with our mission. Seeing how we can actually improve the classroom is really going to be great.”

Interview With Head of Middle School Tag Green on CLT3-6

“I have no hesitation at all in recommending that classical schools make the switch to CLT because I feel like, content-wise, you’re going to feel like, ‘This is the right kind of test that my students should be taking.'” After the Spring 2023 pilot test for CLT3-6, we had the pleasure of speaking with Tag Green, head of middle school at Providence Christian, to hear about his students’ experience.

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