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Here at CLT, we have several avenues for sharing the deep delights of our intellectual tradition. The exams themselves feature texts from everywhere and everywhen, and we publish brief introductions right here on the Journal to the minds, books, and topics of what Mortimer Adler called “the Great Conversation.” But over and above these, we also host a free seminar series: Journey Through the Author Bank.

JTAB seminars are led by professional academics from all across the country, and include high-quality introductions to the many great minds of the CLT Author Bank. They are open to anyone who chooses to register for them at no cost. Furthermore, each seminar is recorded and posted afterwards to CLT’s YouTube channel, so that no one has to miss out on this enriching material. (For instance, you can view a recording of our recent seminar on John Calvin with Lancaster Bible College right here.)

Next Thursday, February 2nd, at 7:00pm (EST), Dr. Michael Whiting from Dallas Baptist University will introduce us to “the Prince of the Humanists,” Desiderius Erasmus. Sometimes called the last man to have read every book in the West, Erasmus revolutionized the scholarly world of the Renaissance in several ways—above all by his establishment of the textus receptus, the single most important edition of the Greek New Testament until the nineteenth century, and still a major document in Biblical scholarship.

We couldn’t think of a better college partner to introduce you to a scholar like Erasmus. Dallas Baptist University offers a Christ-centered, transformative educational experience, where students are challenged to integrate faith in all their studies and throughout their daily lives. DBU’s Honor Program echoes the ideas and interests of the Christian humanists of the Renaissance. Through this program’s small, discussion-based classes, interdisciplinary core, and senior thesis project, the University Honors Program wants you to experience the pleasure of God in doing your best in your studies for His purposes.

We’d also like to highlight the Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE) degree at Dallas Baptist University. This program was born of a conviction that studying the fundamental principles of these disciplines will enable graduates to communicate winsomely and lead faithfully, whatever their individual callings. DBU believes that our world needs Christian leaders, and here at CLT, in our test-takers, we see the critical thought, dedication to principles, and integration of faith and learning that will make them the leaders of tomorrow—which makes them the best candidates for the PPE program today.

Here, yet again, you get everything mixed up like you always do.

You can go here to see our introduction to the life and work of Erasmus, to whet your appetite for Dr. Whiting’s seminar. Spots do fill up, so don’t forget to register—see you on Thursday!


You can learn more about CLT exams and resources via the menu options on our homepage, and consult our FAQ page or email with any questions you have. Thanks for reading the Journal, and have a great week.

Published on 24th January, 2023.

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