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CLT10 National Award

One more round of applause for our outstanding CLT10 students!

It’s come around at last! Over the past few weeks, we have had the pleasure of announcing this year’s CLT10 Distinguished and Regional Scholars, who earned exceptional scores on the CLT10 at their own schools or in their region of the US.

Today, we are thrilled to release the names of students who have received our most prestigious CLT10 prize, the CLT10 National Award. This is given exclusively to the top fifty* CLT10 students each academic year. Moreover, it is the only commendation we offer which comes with a scholarship: winners of the CLT10 National Award receive a $2,500 scholarship if they choose to matriculate to one of our Partner Colleges.

The names of 2022’s National Award Winners are below. A fuller list, featuring additional details about our winners, may be found here.
  • Carter Anderson
  • Madeline Bae
  • Jacob Breen
  • Kara Brown
  • Sophia Burrill
  • Lucia Bury
  • Grace Castle
  • Luke Chambers
  • Mitchell Clapp
  • Daniel Cochran
  • Emily Comparini
  • Grace Cordle
  • Gianna Cruz
  • Lauren DeVore
  • Elijah Eastvold
  • John Freeborn
  • Adelyn Gibson
  • Daniel Gleason
  • Ellisha Glover
  • Evelyn Gray
  • Jadzia Hamm
  • Ally Hudson
  • Reiyah Jacobs
  • John Jensen
  • Tyler Johnson
  • Lakelan Jones
  • David Kang
  • Inara Kochert
  • Faith
  • Patrick Lee
  • Meredith Manke
  • Bennett Martin
  • Vincent Martucci Bond
  • Joshua Miller
  • Preston Nguyen
  • Ana O’Donnell
  • Isaac Parks
  • James Patton
  • Mikayla Pipes
  • Owen Purdy
  • Mary Puschmann
  • Susannah Reavis
  • Rebecca Rizzotti
  • Joseph Ronchetti
  • Blake Schaper
  • Elinor Storey
  • John Streeter
  • Rowland Thornberry
  • Olivia Tummescheit
  • Jared Uhler
  • Caleb Vogel
  • Augustine Wilson
  • Abigail Wooley
  • Jasmine Wu
  • Felicity Wunsch
  • Alec Yang

I’d like to extend my personal congratulations and Dankeschöns to all of our industrious students, and especially to these nationally-ranking young men and women. Thank you all so much for supporting CLT, and we hope you have another academically fantastic year ahead of you!

One whose intentions and thoughts are cultivated will disregard wealth and rank. One whose greatest concern is for the Way and for righteousness will take nobles and emperors lightly. ... There is a saying: "The gentleman makes things his servants."

*Since multiple students can of course achieve the same score, the actual number of recipients sometimes works out to be slightly higher than fifty, due to “tie” scores!


Soren Schwab is CLT’s Vice President of Partnerships. A native of Germany, he first came to the United States as a student of literature and theology at Hillsdale College, one of our exam’s oldest partners; he then spent several years teaching at a classical charter school in Colorado Springs. He now lives right here in Annapolis, along with his wife, Paula.

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Published on 8th September, 2022. Page image of the Arc de Triomphe d’Orange, located in Provence, France (source). The oldest surviving instance of a triple-vaulted Roman triumphal arch, the Arc d’Orange is generally believed to date to the reign of Cæsar Augustus; thanks to its exceptional preservation, it was declared a World Heritage Site in 1981.

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