The CLT Flourishes in Florida

Since its beginnings in 2015, the Classic Learning Test has been growing by leaps and bounds. We provided unprecedented service to students all over the country during the restrictions of 2020, making exams available with our remote proctoring model, and have continued to grow and improve since! This month, we’ve already received two exciting pieces of news.

One is connected with our podcast. On Anchored, Jeremy Tate (our CEO and founder) hosts professional academics, homeschool parents, political advocates, musicians, writers, and countless others, to discuss current issues in American education and culture. Just last week, Anchored passed the 250,000 mark for downloads—episodes of Anchored have been downloaded by our listeners a quarter of a million times!

The other is a bill from the Florida state legislature, which was signed into law by Governor Ron DeSantis on May 9th. Among other educational updates, it authorizes Florida public schools to administer the CLT to high school juniors, and allows students to use CLT scores to qualify for Florida’s Bright Futures scholarship program! This is a big win for Florida students and their families, giving them a wider range of options so they can decide what suits their needs best.

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Thank you for reading the CLT Journal! You can learn more about our exam, including how to register for upcoming test dates, on our main website. You might also enjoy our ongoing series here at the Journal discussing what the late Mortimer Adler called “the Great Conversation,” complete with reading suggestions for each of the great ideas.

Published on 10th May, 2023.

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